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Alex's topics

abortion: i think it should be within your own right to get rid of you fetus/. technically its no one elses except the mother so she should be able to make her own decision. dont get me wrong, i HEART fetuses, just like my belt says, but its still the womans choice. the only thing i find wrong with abortion is this: if your baby is in the 2nd trimester. b/c byu then the baby is a human. all its organs n everything. so it probably has a soul. SAVE THE SOULS! HEART FETUSES!

cencership: you all know how i feel about cencership. FUCK IT!!!!!

The 7 Deady Sins: i lust after my exboyfriend and it never gets old. were people, we sin. jesus freaks need a fucking life.

JADE: uber happy shes here now!!!!!!!!!! *dances*
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