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is anyone besides me even reading this?!

anyways, got some new icons, which is always a little pick-me-up for me but whatever.
Topic: blogs. why do people have so many? For that matter, why do I have so many? what is the point? I hardly even go on most of mine, I just brag about them to people and they sit there forever.
Topic: announcements. No one ever listens to them. Why do we have them? Totally useless except when I do them, I am the shit and you know it.
Topic: books. Why is it that I can never find the ones I want when I look for them? and why is some fucker always checking them out the dqay before I go to look for them?
It's all a conspiracy, I swear.
By the way, Kris, you were not invited to join this community. I should block you but you are lucky that I am so nice. Stop being Clark if you won't update. I know you're probably pouting because I got to Anna/Chloe first, but get over it or leave. I am dead serious.
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