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I'm bored, so here we go.

I feel argumentive, so I'll post some topics and you guys can tell me what you think with a post of your own.
Topic: abortion. Personally, I'm against it but it's the woman's choice, you know? I don't want to go back to thirty years ago where women were giving themselves abortions with bike spokes and hangers. I also consider myself the ultimate hypocrite on this subject, because I support stem cell research. I figure, hey done bun can't be undone, let's use some fetuses to cure cancer. If we can do some good with it and it's just going to happen anyways, let's go ahead.
Topic: censorship. The government can't control everything. I have this special level of contempt that I hold only for Jesus Freaks and bands who will change their music because they might insult someone or because the Man told them to. Prime example: the black eyed peas. I know most of you are out there protesting "where is the love?" But consider Phil Ochs. The gov't tried to bring him down for singing "I ain't marching anymore", lyrics that are distinctly anti-war but he didn't back down. Sure, he was also a leetle bit crazy and later killed himself with his belt, but hey, he didn't back down.
Topic: the seven deadly sins. I think sin can be healthy...especially lust. It's a form of exercise. Seriously though, I sin, everyone sins, no one is more holy than the other. I am comfortable with God and my relationship with Him, but, man, I am not kidding myself. I am going STRAIGHT to hell, bitches. And I'm going to enjoy myself before I get there.
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